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How Can You Support ScarpaTEC?

The Scarpa TEC Foundation offers many ways to get involved and contribute towards our goal. We believe that, together, we can help today's youth accomplish great things. 


Our mission is to gather support for Scarpa TEC through fundraising campaigns that highlight this unique educational institution and its impact on the future of Cumberland County.


Contact us to see how you can help with our fundraising efforts!

Where the funds go

Each year, college scholarships are awarded to Scarpa TEC’s top students, made possible through the generous support of donors like you.


Your donation helps ease the financial burden of higher education for Cumberland County’s future professionals and provides ongoing support for the expansion of Scarpa TEC programs.

Naming Opportunities

Each area of specialized study and room at Scarpa TEC is an opportunity to leave a permanent legacy through our naming program. We’re proud to recognize those who make a major commitment with specially designed signage, dedication ceremonies and press coverage.

WAys to give

Find the charitable gift plan that’s right for you! We accept donations of cash, stocks, securities, property, real estate, in-kind gifts, bequests, trusts and more.


Contact us to schedule a private conversation about estate planning, endowments and other forms of giving.

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