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Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Cumberland County Technical Education Foundation Board to provide staff and students with the resources necessary to successfully compete in a technologically advancing workforce. The board accomplishes this by seeking and accepting grants, as well as pursuing equipment, software and monetary donations through fundraising, bequests and gifts from all appropriate sources.

Vision Statement

By preserving the past and promoting the future, it is the vision of the Foundation Board to encourage and support the students and staff of Cumberland County Technical Education Center in order to become an internationally leading technical and trade institution.

our BOARD:
Charles J. Wettstein
Carol Musso
Ronald J. Franceschini, Jr.
Immediate Past President
James J. Gruccio, Jr., Esq.
Darlene R. Barber
Luanne Allen
Board Member
Carlos A. Mercado, Jr.
Board Member
Heather Garrison
Board Member 
Robert Odorizzi
Board Member
Matt Mufalli
Board Member 
Chloe Swift
Board Member / CCTEC Alumni Association Liaison 
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