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Led by the $1 million pledge by the John F. Scarpa Foundation, donors are investing in the future of our region by supporting this unique educational institution that delivers Specialized Studies for Tomorrow’s World.


Both high school age students and adult students (through the Adult Education Program of Cumberland County College in coordination with Scarpa TEC) can hone skill sets that will contribute to growth and prosperity both for them and their community. Cumberland County’s business leaders will now have access to a highly-skilled and motivated workforce.

All funds donated to Scarpa TEC will:

  • Provide scholarships for qualified candidates to continue their educations at the college level

  • Provide ongoing support for the expansion of Scarpa TEC programs

  • Provide Scarpa TEC with the recognition and respect for its accomplishments on behalf of the region

The naming of areas of specialized studies and rooms are available to all donors. Recognition may include specially designed signage along with dedication ceremonies and appropriate press coverage.

Pledges may be paid in equal annual installments based on the level of the gift:

  • $10,000 to $25,000 - 3 years

  • $25,000 to $100,000 - 5 years

  • $100,000 and above - 10 years

Lecture Labs (2) $75,000

Dining Room (private) $50,000

School Store $50,000

Board Room $50,000

Community Areas

Gymnasium and South Foyer $500,000

Cafeteria $400,000

Main Entrance $350,000

Fitness Center $150,000

Specialty Areas
Health Areas

Media Center [Sound Room/TV Studio] $350,000

Culinary Program Center $150,000

Construction Trades





Automotive Center RK Automotive Group

Cosmetology and Reception/Salon $75,000

Law Enforcement $50,000

ART Center $50,000

Engineering Program Classrooms The Azeez Foundation





Dental Suite - Reception/Lab/Training Suite $100,000

Allied Health

Sports Medicine             

LPN Training     

Clinical Lab with Beds       

CNA - Certified Nurse Assistance (with beds)

CCMA - Medical Assistant 

Pharmacy - Tech Lab








Classrooms 1-27 $10,000 each 

Horticultural Lab $10,000

Green House $10,000




Science Labs




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